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We Rent The Instruments You Want to Play!


Need an instrument for school? Want to learn to play something new and exciting? We cater to musicians of all ages. Our rental program puts quality, name-brand instruments into the hands of aspiring musicians every day. Each instrument is serviced and play tested by an experienced musician prior to leaving our store. We offer fast repair/exchange services for any issues, damage protection in case of an accident**, and free service calls to your child's school by our school representative. Our school year rental is from September to June, and we offer discounted rental prices for January to June and March to August. Summer rental prices from July to August are available upon request.


**Our Optional Damage Protection Plan: We offer accidental damage protection for all rental instruments, in case of the rental being dropped, damaged on the bus, knocked off a chair, etc. All repairs must be completed by our technicians. The fee must be added on at the time of rental and does not cover strings, reeds, bows, drum heads, or sticks. Willful damage or vandalism will not be covered and will result in additional fees.

Payments made on credit as well as debit card will be subjected to a 3.5% administration fee.


Though part of the woodwind family, the flute is typically made of metal and does not require a reed to play.

$97 + tax + (an optional $22 damage protection)


The piccolo is half the size of a standard flute, the piccolo got its name from the Italian word for "small".

$97 + tax + (an optional $22 damage protection)

Alto Sax

Even though the saxophone is usually made of brass, it is a woodwind instrument due to the use of a wooden reed to play it.

$175 + tax + (an optional $25 damage protection)


Tenor Sax

The Saxophone is a transpositional family of instruments, which means the finger placement is relatively the same regardless of size.

$185 + tax + (an optional $25 damage protection)



The Clarinet was created in the late 17th century, and Mozart was the first major composer to add music specifically written for the clarinet.

$97 + tax + (an optional $20 damage protection)

Bass Clarinet

The bass clarinet is physically smaller than the Baritone Sax but can play lower notes due to its shape.

$225 + tax + (an optional $30 damage protection)


The oboe uses a "double reed" that is very different from a clarinet reed. Some professional Oboe players actually make their own reeds by hand!

$250 + tax + (an optional $30 damage protection)


The bassoon is the only instrument which requires all 10 fingers to produce notes properly.

$255 + tax + (an optional $30 damage protection)

Call us at the store for any questions regarding our rental program 631-475-3210

Or Email us at

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